What is kulning?

Kulning or herding calls is a special high-pitched vocal technique, a vocal means of expression, mainly used by women in the grazing pastures in Scandinavia.
It has been used at least since the Middle Ages and functions primarily as a means of communication between the shepherdess and the animal and can be heard many miles away.
Today kulning - herding calls are used in forms and surroundings different from its origin:
In concerts, as a vocal technique used for instance in new compositions, as a pedagogical tool, and therefore it still lives even though the grazing pastures are not so common any longer.
Kulning - solo or polyphonic?

If you want to have somthing special at your wedding, conference, opening ceremony, party etc.- please contact us for suggestions. We offer both solo kulning and polyphonic kulning! Swedish polyphonic herding calls and pastoral songs with a unique Nordic sound. Strong femal voices sounding together in a tradition way but in a new style. ”at the very top of Swedish traditional music today” ”mysteriously beautiful, raw and powerful”.
Workshop in kulning?

We arrange workshops and give private lessons in kulning - please use the contact form or send us an email on the following adress: